Scepter Tower of Spellguard
Don’t remember a whole lot about this mod. I believe the whole point was to find an oracle or something. Along the way there was a tower with a bunch of spiders and ettercaps in it. At one point we all (well, everyone except me) got locked in a room that was slowly filling with water. The party had to disable the trap and fight off enemies whilst I sat locked outside the room and twiddled my thumbs. Eventually we found the oracle (or was it a ghost?) and she told us to go to the town of Hammlet to find ‘adventure and money’.

In Hammlet we met up with a Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut who told us of a cult of Tiamat who has been taking over. His master, Balasar, was kidnapped by this cult. After rescuing him, Balasar told us the cult in Hammlet was only a small part of a much larger, much more dangerous group. For rescuing him, Balasar rewarded us with iron rings that identify us as Friends of Hammlet and he also gave us a Brooch of Bahamut. Neither of these items have any magical properties, but may come in handy later. We agreed to help Balasar wipe out the cult, which is the main quest we’re still on.

Red Dragon
Balasar told us of an evil red dragon not too far away who was somehow involved with the cult. In search of the dragon we traveled through a mountain. This is where we fought a whole bunch of undead and a carrion crawler. We also killed an army (yes, an army. there were like 10 of them) of boneshard skeletons who exploded when they became bloodied. There was some dick eating before we eventually found the dragon and killed it. We got a shit-ton of treasure from his hoard. It was sometime around here that Kegel tragically drank himself to death. Our sorrow was short-lived, however, when his twin brother Dumptruck showed up and took his place.

At this point Jay’s Duville hit me like a ton of bricks and I can only assume I got really obnoxious. For this, I apologize. Nick assures me that there was another adventure after this that I have no recollection of. Apparently we returned to Balasar and he sent us in search of another agent of the cult of Tiamat. I’m told we killed him. I am also told that we have 1 more mission before we find the next agent we need to kill.

ha, thats close greg, youve got the main points, ill fix it later. mixing booze and dnd makes it hard to remeber story lines

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